Our kitchen


Even though we enjoy experimenting with unusual combinations and new flavours, we do not seek to astound you with fancy garnishes and superficial ruses. Our aim is to deeply satisfy your palate.


Fine flavours stem from local produce. The area surrounding the Montello hill is known for its game and we know how to prepare it. One of our best dishes is the woodcock and we use it for both a traditional version and more modern variants.


Our menu changes every day. Our insatiable curiosity drives us to find new slants on traditional recipes and we create dishes using the freshest produce available. After which, we unleash our creative spirit and look for ways to elevate these dishes with unusual ingredients.


Our cooking style is deeply rooted in the times we spent as young children watching our grandmothers and aunts as they rolled gnocchi or stretched the pasta sheets to make lasagne; all those marvellous aromas wafting through the house on a Sunday lunchtime; the influences we were exposed when we worked in kitchens abroad and the lessons learnt from chefs we worked with as youngsters.

All of this knowledge and experience is behind each tasty dish we serve.

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